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  • Tess Johnson

Zermatt 2K18

Another gorgeous Zermatt camp is done and dusted! I just arrived home from a long, but incredible, four weeks of training in Switzerland. I had a lot of fun and while my skiing was filled with highs and lows, it was an overall success, and I'm really proud of my progress.

The best part of the camp was probably incorporating my new trick (back full twist) into a top to bottom run. This course is quite difficult with firm conditions and a huge pitch change, so it felt even more amazing to bring this trick into my run. This trick has a significantly higher degree of difficulty than a 360 (my normal top air jump), so the idea is to compete this trick to raise my scores during contests this season. That being said, the trick needs to be executed well for it to positively impact my score, and that's what I'm working on. Since it is on top air, this also affects my exit out of the jump into the middle section of moguls, so my landing needs to be clean and tight. There are a lot of factors that go into performing a new trick, and while it is a lot of hard work, I've been having so much fun with it. The first video is of the back full, but I didn't ski out because I was hiking the jump to just focus on the trick itself.

Aside from the back full, I focused a lot on my skiing in the middle section because I hadn't skied real moguls since last March at US National Championships! I felt like I was skiing really well, and the tough conditions presented a great challenge. Our next camp is in Kaprun, Austria and I'm so excited to get back to work.

For now though, I'm home for the week getting some much needed rest and recovery. Resorts around Colorado are starting to open, so I will get some flats skiing in before I leave. After that, I am headed to New York City for the annual U.S. Ski Team NY Gold Medal Gala! This event is the U.S. Team's biggest fundraiser, and I was thrilled to be invited this year to represent the freestyle team alongside my teammates Brad Wilson, Jaelin Kauf, and Casey Andringa.

Thanks for following along!



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