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  • Tess Johnson

Mt. Hood Round 1

First back fulls were a success! I just arrived home in Vail after our last week of the training block in Mount Hood, Oregon. This is one of my favorite places to ski in the summer, and I had so much fun. My goal this camp was to perform back full for the first time and it went really well. In fact, it was almost easier to perform on snow than on water ramps! With each training session, they got better and I'm really excited to see how they continue to progress through the rest of the prep season. While there was a short section of moguls for us to use, the focus of this camp for me was jumping, so I mainly hiked the air site for the entirety of the week. Check out the video to see a few of my best ones!

Aside from training we went to the lake, went on a few hikes and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Oregon. I'm home now for a week before another block of ramping in Park City and jumping in Mt. Hood, but my body is absolutely exhausted and I'm really looking forward to a few days of rest with my family.

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