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  • Tess Johnson

Water Ramps Galore

I've been in Park City, Utah the past three weeks training with the US Ski Team on water ramps in in the gym. Even though the summer is technically our off season, it's the most intense time of year as far as training goes. This year, I have some pretty specific jumping goals to increase my degree of difficulty for competition. As I've mentioned before, not many women perform tricks harder than a 360 and a backflip, and although this is the competition run I've done for most of my career, I intend to change that this year!

The trick I've been getting ready for snow is a back full twist (a backflip with a 360). It's been really challenging, but also refreshing to be doing something new. I've done this trick many times on water before, but this is the first summer that I have made significant improvements and have started to land them consistently! I'm maintaining my old tricks as well, but my focus is primarily on getting my back full dialed. (Check out the video to see what it looks like!)

Today we leave for a quick 6 day on-snow camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where I will perform this trick on snow for the first time ever. I'm a little nervous, but mainly excited! The conditions are supposed to be hot and slushy, which is prime for attempting a new aerial maneuver.

In addition to water ramping, we've been working really hard in the gym with strength, power and cardio workouts 3-5 times a week. I'm definitely exhausted, as this will be my fourth week in a row for this training block, but I can finally feel it all beginning to pay off.

Wish me luck in Mt. Hood! Xoxo.


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