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  • Tess Johnson

Sunny Days in Cali

Just wrapped up a beautiful first camp of the 2018-2019 ski season in sunny Squaw Valley, California! Although I had to skip a few weeks of school, it was totally worth it. Temperatures were in the 60's everyday and the moguls were soft and slushy - the best conditions. This camp was a technical block, focusing on drills in the flats and our form in the moguls. Since this is just the start of the prep season, I'm going back to the basics and starting fresh (posture, pole plants, vision). That being said, I am thrilled with how I skied. I have never skied this well in these types of conditions or at this time during the year. (Watch the video for one of my runs!) I've definitely turned into a mogul nerd over the past few years, analyzing video and thinking about the perfect turn in my free time, but I guess that's why I love the sport so much.

Smiling in Squaw

During our days off we spent some time at Lake Tahoe swimming and sun bathing. I'm already looking forward to our camp next year here in Squaw - I love this place! For now though, it's back home to Vail to finish up high school and my last competitive soccer season ever. Amazingly enough, I'm on track to graduate on the honors list! It's certainly bittersweet saying goodbye to soccer, but I know this sport will always hold a special place in my heart. Keep an eye out for more updates. ;)

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