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  • Tess Johnson

Beyond the Moguls

As most of you know, the most recent World Cup in Airolo, Switzerland was cancelled due to fog. This was devastating after two bluebird days of training, but it was simply out of our control and conditions ended up being too dangerous to compete. Moving forward, we are all very excited to put this World Cup season in the books this weekend in Megeve, France with World Cup Finals (a duals event).

My teammates and I decided to spend the five days in between events in Chamonix, France! Skiing these mountains has been a dream of mine since I was seven. Chamonix has the reputation of being the Mecca of skiing in Europe, and possibly in the entire world. It would be an understatement to say my expectations were met. As I stood at the top of Punta Helbronner, my jaw dropped as I gazed at the jagged mountains lining a pale blue sky. Not a cloud could be seen; it was the perfect day. My legs burned as I glided atop the fresh layer of snow that coated the steep slope. Mont Blanc on my left, Mt. Bianco on my right; I felt untouchable. My teammates and I, out of breath, giggled as we admired our surroundings and recognized we were the luckiest girls in the world.

Even after our nine hour day in ski boots, I couldn't stop grinning. This day reminded me why I am here in the first place. It reminded me why I sacrifice my blood, sweat and tears for fleeting moments of reward. It reminded me why I miss months of school and spend endless time away from my family to follow my dream. It reminded me of my parents, who introduced this community to me at such a young age. It reminded me of the place beyond the moguls where my heart truly lies. My undeniable love for the mountains is incomparable, and I feel blessed to experience this love over and over again. My dedication to mogul skiing stems from an immense passion for skiing as a whole, and to reignite this passion on days like today only bolsters my performance as a mogul skier. While I'm focused on finishing World Cup Finals and US Nationals on a high note, I can't wait for spring skiing in Vail with my family and friends.

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