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Thanks Australia!

After a long but really fun three and a half weeks in Australia, I'm home! This camp was really productive and I'm happy walking away with a strong competition-ready run. My goal for this training block was to execute my technique in all areas: jumps and landings, turns, and the transitions from jumps to moguls and vice versa. Although I wasn't pushing for speed, I found that as my technique became better, I was able to ski faster than I did last season and maintain clean form. As for new jumps, I felt that this course wasn't the safest venue to be trying new tricks with my finger situation. Even though I'm disappointed not to be taking these new tricks to snow quite yet, I'm extremely happy with the progress I was able to make with my competition tricks. Check out these two clips which show some of my better runs from Australia.

In case you were wondering about my finger, it's healing nicely. Because of the intensity of the surgery, I am still struggling to achieve full range of motion. On the bright side, I am pain-free and am so thankful Dr. Viola and Howard Head were able to help me get on snow. I skied with a brace molded to my pole and even if I crashed, it remained safe and sound. I'm hoping that by the time our Zermatt, Switzerland camp happens (October 11-31), I will be able to ski without the brace


Toppa's Dream. The legendary Aussie mogul course.

Putting on the landing gear after a back layout.

Not only did we ski, but we took two days off and drove to the coast in Merimbula for a surf trip! Since it was winter, the water was absolutely freezing but I still managed to catch a few little waves. :) At the end of our training block, we drove to Sydney and spent the night. We only had a few hours in the city but I was able to snap a quick picture of the Opera House before flying home.

Thank you for all of your support, this camp was full of smiles and very productive. I am only home for three weeks, and will be in the gym maintaining strength and getting a few days of water ramping at the Steamboat ramps with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. However, I will mainly be in the classroom working to get caught up. Thanks to the help of my teachers and modern technology, I managed to not get too far behind. I'm looking forward to getting some school work done and submitting my college applications before our next and last training camp in Switzerland!

Thanks for reading my blogs! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about my journey. :)

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