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  • Tess Johnson

Jump, jump, jump!

Happy August!

Summer is coming to a close and that means...time to get back on snow! I've spent the three weeks working hard on the water ramps in Steamboat Springs, CO and Park City, Utah. I'm really happy with the progress I've made and I couldn't be more excited to bring my training from water to snow in Perisher, Australia this month. Since it is winter down under, several national mogul teams around the world travel to Australia to train this time of year.

Back Full Jump - Steamboat, CO

Although I'm focused on maintaining my competition jumps (a 360 spin and backflip layout), I've been working on some new tricks that I'm' hopeful to bring to snow this season. A cork 720 (off axis 720 degree spin) and a backflip full (backflip with a full twist). It is very uncommon to see women compete these tricks, so it feels good to push my own, and the sport's boundaries. The picture above is in Steamboat of me performing a back full. Head over to the video tab to watch my water ramp training!

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